Selina is a great, professional model. Pre-shoot communications were informative and helpful. Selina arrived on time, organised with the pre selected outfits and prepared to shoot. She posed extremely well without instructions and with a very professional attitude. I highly recommend her for any photography assignment. - Jamie Laverty Photography

Selina quickly responded and filled in for another model who had cancelled on the day of the shoot, she was a joy to work with and made the experience smooth, she's full of ideas, attentive and has a fierce look, I'd recommend her for any future creative projects and can't wait to work with her again. - La Vitesse Photography

First shoot with Selina. Pre shoot comms where very thorough, straight away she instilled confidence from the level of detail she put into the pre planning. Once settled in to shooting Selina started to show her abilities, with previous dance experience she was able to create some incredible shapes with her body and had a very versatile set of poses at her disposal. Selina has a very well defined body and clearly looks after herself, she has great skin and was overall just very well presented. Would definitely recommend Selina. - Mantino Photography

Photo of Selina Chiu by Olegas Dahool, Selina is wearing a blue bodysuit by Topshop